Thursday, February 01, 2007

Watching your language and today's thing to be proud of

First a funny thing...

Just as I pull out the driveway this morning on the way to drive my five year olds to the bus stop, I hear

Daughter 2: "oh, crap"

Me: "What did you say?" (hoping I heard it wrong and trying not to chuckle).

Daughter 2: "I said 'oh, crap'" (innocently as she dropped whatever she was holding on the floor)

Me: OK, let's not say that anymore. It's not a nice thing to say."

Meanwhile Daughter 1 chimes with "What did she say?what did she say?"

Me: Nothing, nothing. She said something that wasn't a nice word and we're not going to repeat it.

Why do these things always happen on the way to the bus stop when I am the only adult in the car?

And I KNOW that I am the guilty party that introduced the phrase into her vocabulary. I obviously try and watch my language around the kids and I certainly don't curse like a sailor but the phrase "oh, crap" has definitely been uttered by me on more than one occasion.

I suppose the good thing is that she used it the proper context, right?

I'm imagining that we're going to get a note home from school if she keeps it up. :sigh:

But on other fronts...
It looks like the family is going on another cruise this summer. It will be my Dad and his wife's (I'm not allowed to call her my stepmother) 40th anniversary and our 12th the week we sail. I'm really excited about it but I've decided that I refuse to be the fat girl in the cruise pictures again. Last time we went... about a year ago, I actually photoshopped myself in a few of the pictures before sending them to the rest of the family. (pathetic, I know). If you saw my perpetually thin husband, father and brothers you'd understand. One brother is a former body builder and my 65 year old dad plays tennis several times a week.

This is the just the motivation I need to stop talking about this and DO SOMETHING. I can diet with the best of them and I've been known to drop 20-30 pounds on everything from Atkins to Weight Watchers. But exercise has never been my strong suit. It's not that I'm lazy (well, maybe it is) it's just that I can't figure out how to fit exercise into my life.

So this morning I got up at 5:30 (set the alarm for 5 but that obviously wasn't happening) and went to look outside. I thought, "maybe, I'll go take a walk" Well, besides the fact that it was 22 degrees was PITCH BLACK out there! I don't know what I was expecting at 5:30 but it suddenly occurred to me that I live on a street with no street lights. OK, so that obviously wasn't happening.

On to Plan B.

I put on a 35 minute Pilates video from my on demand TV service and did that instead. It didn't have the same exhilarating feeling as going out for a walk in 22 degree weather but at least I did it. And I'm damned proud of myself for that.

Tomorrow I'm going to do it again. (and because I've said it here, it has to be true).

Stay tuned.


Vinny said...

Oh hell! You can't say shit like that.

Oh fuck. Sorry about that crap above.

MapleMama said...

Nice, Vinny!

I, too, am good at the dieting - not so much with the exercise. I've been parking as far as I can from my office building - without parking in the next town. I figure that's a start.

Congrats on the exercise!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Maple. Day two of getting up at 5:30. I did 20 minutes of yoga this morning. Down side is that by 10pm I can't keep my eyes open. It's price I'm willing to pay for a single digit size...or even a lower double digit number.

wordgirl said...

Good luck! I've lost 5 pounds by walking more and drinking a lot of water. Whatever your goal, I hope you make it.

The Contessa said...

Hey Lisa - You probably don't remember me, I am a college friend of Bernies slightly to the south of you guys...

I, like Maple, am not a fan of exercize. I went and bought the WW walking DVD's. The one is an indoor with 10, 20 and 30 minute workouts, the other is an outdoor workout with tunes and instructions. I loaded that on IPOD but darkness and 22 degrees don't work for me either.

Good for you on the Pilates!!!!! They are HARD at times!!!!

Oh crap.... I have to get back on that bandwagon too....

Lisa said...

Hey Contessa! I do remember you. :)

You are right that it is tough...and I'm really trying but some days I just can't get it together. I keep telling myself that when the weather warms up to..oh...I don't know...40 degrees...I'll be more motivated to walk outside. I wish I was one of those people who loves to work out...but obviously I am not.

Amaris said...

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