Saturday, May 26, 2007

Who are the bloggers and what do they do?

The world of bloggers is an odd little community. And I mean that in the most affectionate of ways. Today I was reminded just how neglectful of this blog I've been when I got a note from Gunfighter...A blogger who I have immense respect for and have never met in person. He's an interesting guy and a wonderful writer on a variety of topics. In any case, I read and comment on his blog regularly and I guess he either noticed my absence from his blog or from mine. Regardless... here I am.

But that one little act of kindness got me thinking that there is a whole world of wonderful writers out there who inspire me to think and act and comment in a way that no other group in my life does.

As adults we don't often have the opportunity to form a sense of closeness... it's not quite friendship and a little more than acquaintance... to such a wide group of articulate individuals. I suppose it is what I enjoy most about reading other blogs.

So while I may not have felt inspired lately to do my own writing and ranting here, there are certain blogs I keep in my bloglines and feel inspired to keep up with. Check them out if you can...and then check them out again. Each has it's own voice which will resonate...whether you agree with everything they say or not. I promise they will make you think.

In addition to Gunfighter at A View from Here, there's Rich at Championable who despite the challenges of life, finds a way to "love everyone" even the people that piss him off the most.

Rachael at Crank Mama who just cracks me up with candid take on parenthood (among other things). I'm not a big reader of the "mommy blogs" but I feel compelled to read hers.

The Contessa who shares a part of herself that I suspect she doesn't share with everyone... which makes her readers feel like an intimate part of her life.

And Vinny at Digital Father (who I must disclose is also my dearest friend in real life and who got me into this in the first place.) and who reminds us that being a good parent and a good human being sometimes takes work. But is well worth the trip.


Vinny said...

Thank you for the shout out. I too have been neglectful of my blogging friends of late. I am working to rectify that by going through the 446 tagged feed items to either blog them, Tumble them, or respond to them.

445 left.

The Contessa said...

Thanks so much Lisa!!!! Missing you and family and Vinny and Family tons and tons!

I haven't exactly been Johnny on the spot with my blogging of late. I am in the midst of a situation that I am not good at but trying to do better with. As A result I tend to deal with some anxiety.

Blogging relieves some of it and exercise does too.... And now I am exhausted!!!

Congrats on your losses by the way!!!! Awesome news...

Rich | Championable said...

Wow. Rock ON.

Anonymous said...

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